SUCCESS IN 30 DAYS = Experience – Complexity + Clarity

As one of Australia’s newest and most exciting Concur partners, Covantage offers our customers a fast, value-driven approach to your complete SAP Concur landscape.

What does success look like for a customer?

We don’t judge our success on awards or LinkedIn mentions. We don’t judge success on holding and running the fanciest presentations and sessions.  We judge success on our customer outcomes and the ability to get repeatable business.   For example, we will innovate in project delivery to “deploy” a Concur Professional customer in 30 Days.  We get pride and observe success when our customer achieves their outcomes within budget and within the set timeframe.

“Unlocking Concur Outcomes: Our 3-I Methodology give confidence to customers that outcomes can be realised as speed. We transform ideas into real impacts by seamlessly navigating through the stages of Imagine, Implement, and Impact.

  • Imagine

    Purpose: The Imagine phase is the foundation of any successful consulting engagement. It involves thoroughly understanding the desired outcome. Then, link to the current state of your business including challenges and opportunities. Covantage consultants translate the insights from the analysis into a detailed plan for achieving your business outcomes. Via a Project Kick Off and initial Requirement approach, we aim to assess existing systems or processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

    Key Activities: Project Kick-Off. Start of Requirement gathering where Covantage Consultants gather data.

    Outcome: A comprehensive implementation plan is produced, highlighting key findings, recommendations, and a clear roadmap for the project's next steps.

  • Implement

    Purpose: Implementation is the execution of the agreed plan. The major stages are completing the Requirement and Build phase and the Finance integration phase are completed.  At a high level, it’s where the proposed changes and improvements are put into action with the combined teams to ensure a system walk through. Typically, we use an iterative approach to ensure the pace of implementation. This phase involves testing, training, and ensuring a smooth transition from the old to the new.

    Key Activities: Building and deploying the agreed workflows, processes, and integrations.

    Outcome: An end to end working Concur system with completed testing and a full functional sign off.

  • Impact

    Purpose: Impact Phase is where the proposed changes and improvements are put into action. The Concur system will be launched and operational.  Concur users like Concur Administrators and Concur End Users will receive training.

    Key Activities: System launch

    Outcome: A deployed implementation leads to tangible results stated in outcomes. Typically expressed in improved efficiency, reduced costs or enhanced productivity, or any other desired business outcomes.

    These three phases are interlinked and iterative, as adjustments and refinements may be necessary along the way. The ultimate goal is to help businesses optimize SAP Concur and achieve their strategic objectives through a structured and well-executed consulting methodology.