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Complexity To Clarity

Covantage’s focus is on delighting our customers through the quality of our engagement.

We measure success in days. Speed-to-market is a success measure. Concur Standard Edition - 1 Day deployment Concur Professional Edition – 30 Day deployment

Covantage is 100% focused on maximizing the business value of your SAP Concur project.

Rapid Time to Value – Using our proven implementation methodology, which ensures a rapid time to value for your SAP Concur project.

Deployment Experience – 20+ years deploying to SAP Concur customers both locally and globally.

Customer Experience We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied. We are dedicated to delighting our customers through the quality of our engagement and the business value we deliver.

Success outcomes are the key measures of success. We have engaged with customers with different pain points and delivered solution to remove the business pain point. Examples include:

Pain Point: 

Non-compliance spend with Travel Policies – Employees booking outside preferred vendors or spending beyond allowed limits. Companies may not be able to meet duty of care obligations.

Covantage Solution:  Built-in travel compliance checks, notifying employees of policy violations before they occur

Pain Point: 

Fragmented Systems – Using multiple, disconnected systems for travel booking, expense reporting, and finance.

Covantage Solution:       An integrated solution for travel, expense, and invoice management, ensuring data consistency and simplifying processes.

Pain Point:

Lack of Visibility into Spend – Customers often have difficulty in understanding where money is going, which departments or projects are overspending.

Covantage Solution:   Real-time reporting features, giving a holistic view of company spending. Empowerment to Departments who can monitor their budgets effectively.

Pain Point: 

Time-consuming Approval Workflows – Delays in getting expenses and invoices approved due to manual or non-repeatable processes.

Covantage Solution: Automated workflows streamline approvals, ensuring timely reimbursement to employees.

Who We Are

Sydney & Melbourne based company servicing Australia and New Zealand

Practice Areas

Concur Projects

  • Concur Standard Edition – 1 Day Deployment.
  • Concur Professional Edition – 30 Day Deployment.

Initial Deployment via a face-to-face engagement, driving outcomes within agreed timeframes.

Using Covantage’s proven methodology with in-person engagement to ensure your end-to-end business outcomes are achieved

Concur Integrations

  • NetSuite Connector.

  • XERO Connector.

  • S/4 Connector (coming).

Deploying Integrations to ensure secure end-to-end data flows. From reporting submission to Financial posting.

Strategic Advisory

  • Best Practice Review and Recommendations

  • Concur Integration to Business Systems

  • Cost Reduction Advice and Best Practice

  • Reporting & Benchmarking Advisory

Advisory services to drive maximize value from Concur solution.

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SUCCESS IN 30 DAYS = Experience – Complexity + Clarity

Our 3Is (3 EYES) approach give confidence to customers that outcomes can be realised as speed:

Stories of Success

Customer story #1

Fact based story of engagement, timing and outcomes

Amelia Mia

Behind the word mountains from the countries Vokalia and

Charlie Cooper

Behind the word mountains from the countries

Smart Quotes :

"The biggest problem with SPEND complexity is not its existence because it's inevitable, but when the complexity hides outcomes and reduces clarity of the desired outcome."
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"SPEND complexity is the jungle that must navigated, but clarity is the map that guides us towards the right solutions. "
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"In the world of SPEND, complexity is the enemy of progress, and clarity is the sword that slays it."
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"A tangled web of complexity breeds ISSUEs, delays and confusion, while clarity paves the path forward"
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"In the realm of SPEND, clarity is the beacon that leads us out of the labyrinth of complexity."
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